work until you die

Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sean Thompson using his linocut art. When I saw his work I knew we had a shared ideology and this design would make a great mug. The test pieces came out pretty good and I am looking forward to putting these into production!

I really love discovering other people’s work and seeing all the great ideas out there. And when they want to collaborate with you – even better!

While it’s a somewhat bleak meditation on life, I do think it’s important to use humour to explore how capitalism affects our society. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to just work until I die. Somedays it feels like that – with so much of my income going to the bank and their shareholder’s profits, and the wealthy just getting wealthier. With the election coming up here in NZ there is potentially the opportunity to do something about that, but how much our system can or will ever change I am not sure about.

But still, good to be hopeful, and remind people what happens when we let the rich run things. So I am giving away 2 of these mugs on my Instagram – follow me, like my post, and leave a comment to enter! 2 winners will be drawn on election day!

You can check out Sean’s work on his website and instagram.

One response to “work until you die”

    you are a mega babe..!
    Love how you weave the politics in too.
    i treasure my Papatuanuku is CEO mug.
    We and richard took one each ..!


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