Good Wairua Only

I’m very excited to announce a new collaboration with Jonique of Waiapu Road.

4 handmade stoneware mugs with printed text - 'decoloniser'; 'good wairua only'; 'do you boo', and 'meke teke'.

She asked me to help create some mugs and bring her vision to life, which I was very happy to do!

These are limited to what I am able to produce and likely to sell out so get in quick if you are keen! They will be available on her online shop from 6 pm on 3 November.

Really looking forward to seeing these in people’s home and out there in the world! Thanks Jonqiue for your patience and awesome designs. I’m so happy to have been able to make these for you!

“Good wairua only” is definitely a winner. But my favourite is probably ‘meke teke’, which according to Jonique means ‘bomb ass pussy‘! I had to keep one of those for myself; it’s my new office mug!

Handmade raw (greenware) clay mug with words 'Good Wairua Only' stamped into it.
good wairua only mugs drying

I also feel very honoured to have the opportunity to make work that uses te reo Māori. I recognise that te reo is a taonga of the tangata whenua and as a non-Māori it is a privilege to be able to use these kupu in my work. I create all my pieces with the utmost respect and intention to honour both Papatūānuku and the clay in the vessel, as well as the kupu and tangata whenua when I use reo.

Because of this my making is slow and these are limited editions!

Update Dec 2020

These are all sold out! I really struggled to meet the demand for these mugs so have passed this work onto the hands of other talented wahine potters. From now on Melissa Mead Ceramics and Katie Jensen will be supplying Waiapu Road. Thanks again for the opportunity Jonqie and Waiapu Road!

And get in touch if you have other commission ideas!!


Handmade finished Meke Teke and Good Wairua Only mugs
meke teke and good wairua only mugs

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